Movie Review : Half Girlfriend

            From ‘Three mistakes of my life’ to Kai Po Chhe, ‘One night @ call center’ to Hello,  ‘2 States – A novel’ to 2 States – Movie and again, Half Girlfriend, Now it’s like a trend that Chetan Bhagat’s novels are converting into Bollywood movies one by one. First talking about Novel, when Chetan Bhagat revealed this title two years ago setting this book as Diwali release, title created huge attraction among youngsters and Book was also a huge success though story was quite similar like Revolution 2020 and other typical Bollywood film.

          When Ekta Kapoor announced a film based on this Novel, Mohit Suri come up as a director and that made expectation high for the film. Previous two directional venture of Mohit Suri was musical success Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villian was pure hit. When the film announced, Shraddha Kapoor was the first choice of the director for the character of Riya and SushantSinh Rajput was approached for the character of Maadhav. As SSR went for Raabta, Arjun Kapoor – on screen Chetan Bhagat replaced SSR in movie for the character in Half Girlfriend.

         Maadhav a Bihaari boy comes to Delhi for education with good sport talent, Riya a rich Delhi girl met Maadhav and they join hands for Basketball match every day and that’s where Maadhav falls in love with Riya. Story continues and stuck when Riya calls her as Maadhav’s half girlfriend, now what will Maadhav do, will Riya love him back are the moments to watch out.

          Talking about the movie, director Mohit Suri found story suitable and didn’t make much changes in the story what writer has written in Novel, Shraddha as Riya Somani is the most powerful character of the story on which whole screenplay rotates. Arjun Kapoor as Maadhav had given good hard work to the character but fails somewhere and looks poor overacted character in some scenes. Especially his poor English and Bihari accent make his work look like an act, one cannot portrait any character always nodding just head and smiling unnecessarily. Shraddha as Riya is perfectly chosen character and no one could replace her in the movie, also her acting and singing is the heart for the movie and the one will witness best moments when Shraddha on screen. She is cute, she is sexy, she is sweet, she is beautiful and she is the heart of movie.

          Talking about the making, first dressing of the movie is well presented and shorts of Shraddha is well selected, dressing of Maadhav is also well presented and make him look like Bihaari Villager boy. Hair style department is the one which fails to impress, Shraddha’s hair styles was poorly designed when she plays basketball and also there is no change in the look of Arjun Kapoor. Movie lifts up when one witnesses wonderful supporting cast in reference of Maadhav’s friend, his mom, his mates in NYC, all supporting cast did wonderful job and all were eye-catching on screen.

          Talking about direction, Mohit Suri did all hard work to present the whole story on screen and quite successful in that, he fails in some scenes specially covering Arjun Kapoor and St. Steven’s in first half. Screenplay of the movie is poorly written somewhere and one didn’t found any logic when Shraddha starts walking in rain, she dreams about getting on India gate every now and then and Maadhav’s English remains poor till the end. It is hard to believe when just first basketball meeting leads them to proposal of game and a movie, some gestures in first half is poorly placed and Kiss between Maadhav and Riya misplaced in screen and hard to believe for viewer. Screenplay of the movie is the most disappointing work for me. Dialogues are also not up to that level and not memorable, some good written work also flushed out in poor screenplay. Cinematography in first half is average somewhere and it seems camera moves too fast, but it solved in second half and well presented in rest of the film. Editing of the movie is also average and some scenes in first half are cut out which is there in the novel.

          Talking about music, the best departmental work of the film, and it has to be when Mohit Suri is directing, it must be a musical chartbuster film. All songs in the film are well composed, well singed, well written and well presented in the movie, it is right if we say music saves the whole movie. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, Baarish & Stay a little longer are soulful to hear and eye-catching to watch. Background music of the film is also well composed and well used the composition of good songs. Music wins it all the way for the film. Choreography is average but good songs cover it all for film.

          Ultimately it seems the producers bought novel from writer and presented on screen without making much change, without wasting much time and without wasting much money. As it is a love story, it is good to watch but fails to impress what we expected and what Karan Johar makes like larger than life love story. Makers used half word too much in the movie and movie impresses half only and also giving half rating to the movie – Half Girlfriend.

Rating: 2.5/5

Yes, I am 21.

Dear life,

          At the age of 21, I am normal human being with two legs, two hands and one mind living a normal life.

          At the age of 21, every day I wake up and thinks, I will make someone happy today.

          At the age of 21, I bought one guitar for me but still don’t know how to play it.

          At the age of 21, being a Kshtriya, following my Dharma is everything for me.

          At the age of 21, I started setting my goals of life.

Dear life,

          At the age of 21, I started having beard and moustache, though clean shaved face suits me more.

          At the age of 21, I get attracted of every second girl I met and I end up having good friendship.

          At the age of 21, I am still single.

          At the age of 21, I have only fear of old age.

          At the age of 21, I am trying to be as honest as I can while writing this.

Dear life,

            At the age of 21, still I don’t know how to fly.

          At the age of 21, I am an Engineer now but I think being a doctor is best career option to choose.

            At the age of 21, I am having job but not fully satisfied with it.

          At the age of 21, currently I am writing my fourth novel which is story based on Gujarat and one Gujarati director already rejected it.

            At the age of 21, I feel I should start doing meditation now.

Dear life,

          At the age of 21, I often cry once in a month and tears still taste salty.

          At the age of 21, sometimes I regret for my misbehaviour when I am in anger.

          At the age of 21, I feel I have less friends.

          At the age of 21, one policeman slapped me and I was innocent then.

         At the age of 21, I bore people around me telling them different life lessons and theories.

Dear life,

          At the age of 21, to meet SRK is still my first aim.

          At the age of 21, I like Twitter more than Facebook.

          At the age of 21, I feel hormonal changes are taking place in my body.

           At the age of 21, I feel more creative during midnight of twelve to three.

          At the age of 21, Traveling is happiness for me and cooking is good habit.

Dear life,

          At the age of 21, I am following the same name of mine my parents had given me 21 years ago.

          At the age of 21, I feel mature enough and became too protective and caring for the people around me.

          At the age of 21. Tom & Jerry is my favorite cartoon show.

         At the age of 21, A R Rahman’s music spreads peace and love in me and makes me feel that I am a very good singer.

          At the age of 21, Yes, I am 21 years old now.

Movie Review: Baahubali – The Conclusion

          Curiosity is the best key to achieve desired success, when whole world is curious about the answer of one question, success was written all over it before its release. Yes, here I am talking about ‘Baahubali – The conclusion’ which gives you the answer of the question, why katappa killed Baahubali.

        Inspired from the great stories of Mahabharata, Baabubali – The beginning was great success and one of the biggest blockbusters of Indian cinema, but the story doesn’t ends there, Director S S Rajamauli has divided the whole story in two parts and second part of the movie hits the screen last week.

        From the beginning, makers try to connect all dots with part one and that’s enough for all the characters to be alive after almost two years. From the very first scene, one witness extreme work on VFX by introducing all characters in frozen way with their contribution in part one, story continues where we left it in part one and Baahubali’s entry will make you whistle.

        First talking about story, it is very hard to find loop holes during whole movie, story is nicely written and makers explains all the answers very wonderfully. Not only entertainment but writers also tries to give philosophical touch to the story by having discussion on love and Dharma. Writers explains Dharma wonderfully and what is important for king and what are his duties! Character of Katappa is surprise with comedy and patriotism, Character of Shivgami is extreme powerful and unique. Bhalla is awesome at his place. All characters are powerfully presented on screen also, Shivgami and Katappa are the characters which surprise you more. Avantika is missing the screen in first half and Bhalla is mind game player. Baahubai and Devsena plays the heart of the story, they are as awesome as expected. I bet, if you are male then you will fall in love with Devsena and if you are female then you will desire for Baahubali.

        Talking about making, VFX work of the movie is eye-catching, especially the war sequence are wonderfully created. One will witness awesome civil and art work during the movie in case of building and construction work, which is pure magic of VFX. You will also witness the hard work in dressing and looks of characters. Open hair of Devsena and Beard of Baahubali makes them more attractive. Scene of Rajyabhishek is extremely well designed and will make you clap.

        Music is the most important department for the success of any movie, here Baahubali – The conclusion is having an average music in which ‘Soja Zara’ and ‘Jai kara’ are well composed, other songs fails to get much attention of audience. Background music of the movie is also good but not at extreme level. The anthem of Maahismati is well composed. Editing is another part which losses screens somewhere but to present the whole story in three hour is also a challenging work, I am sure director and Editor must have discussed about it and it must have been very hard decision to cut some good scenes from the movie too.

        During three hour of the movie, one gets full entertainment which is expected and witnesses awesome work of great storyteller S S Rajamouli, war sequences are wonderfully designed and pair of Baahubali and Katappa will surely make you smile. Shivgami as Rajmata is surely surprise package and Baahubali – The conclusion satisfies all the expectation with all the answers which audiences were expecting from last two years. Movie is already pouring box office and it is hard to get ticket for any screen even after one week, numbers speaking all the success and it already collected 1000 Cr worldwide. Baabubali – The conclusion is an ultimate winner at box office and surely a movie of decade, never miss it!

Rating: 4/5

! ક્યાં હુઆ !

ક્યાં હુઆ, જો તુમ સાથ નહિ આજ !

તેરી યાદો સે બાતે કર લેંગે !!

બેશરમ બોહોત હો ગઈ હૈ યાદે તેરી આજ-કલ

બાર-બાર આ જાતી હૈ મેરે પાસ !

ફિરભી ક્યાં હુઆ, ઉસી બેશરમી સે શરાફત કર લેંગે !!

કમબખ્ત એ હવાયે ભી અબ તુમ્હારી ઓર નહિ જાતી,

સુબહ કહી બાતો કો શામ ફિરસે મેરે પાસ હૈ લાતી !

ઉન્હી બાતો કો હમ ફિરસે રાતો મેં સુનતે

ફિરભી ક્યાં હુઆ, બાતો સે હમ રાતો કે સપને ભર લેંગે !!

કુછ તો હૈ તુમસે જો આજ તક કહ નહિ પાયા,

સભી મેરી બાતો કો તુમસે છુપાતે ચલા આયા !

મોહોબ્બત હૈ તુમસે, અબ વો નહિ કોઈ રાઝ

ફિરભી ક્યાં હુઆ, જો તુમ સાથ નહિ આજ !!

Tithal – India’s first disabled friendly beach

          No one can deny the truth that Gujarat has 1600 km long sea shore, starts at Daman and ends at Kutch’s bay. Daman being a NCR region, For Gujarat its 1600 km long sea shore starts from one of its beautiful district Valsad.

          We all know Valsad is well known for its ‘Hapush mango’, people love its sweetness but People who have visited Valsad are also amazed to see its stately and immense sea shore. Yes, I am talking about ‘Tithal’. Tithal village is located in west of Valsad along the Arabian Sea and about 4 km away from the headquarters of the district. The main attraction of Tithal is its 3 km long beach. Tithal beach is exactly located at the center of that 3 km sea area and on both side having 1.5 km long beach with black sand. Yes, Tithal beach is also famous for its black sand.

         Now question arise is, any beach require maximum 1 km to 1.5 km area, then what is the reason to amplify Tithal beach up to 3 km? And why beach is having 1.5 km on its both sides? One who has visited the spot can easily answer to it. Interesting thing is, Tithal beach is having two very renowned temples on its both side situated at equal distance of 1.5 km. On south direction of the beach, well-known temple of ‘Sai Baba’ is there and on its north side, temple of ‘Swami Narayana’ is located. It seems so gallant that beach is at center and is protected by two gods. Government constructed the beach side so beautiful that people, who are visiting Tithal for any reason, whether to visit Swami Narayana temple or Sai baba temple, can have glee of visiting the beach too, and I would like to add, Tithal is India’s first specially designed disable friendly beach. Any person with disability can enjoy the beauty of sea on large and wide walkway.

          After it was declared tourist point by the tourism department of Gujarat, it has become more popular tourist destination in south Gujarat. Tithal beach as well as both temples having parking facilities for vehicles and place is also having some good hotels for accommodation. As main city, Valsad is just four kilometer away from the spot; it has wonderful facilities of good roads and restrooms. The journey starts for Tithal from Valsad on the heart of modern Valsad that is ‘Tithal road’. Most of the people use their private vehicles to visit the place as it is having good parking facilities. At the same time one can find numbers of Auto rickshaw at the place too. Main beach has several shops selling Indian refection like, Coconut water, Sweet corn, Bhajiyas, Dabeli, Chaat and Sugar cane juice etc. Both the temples as well as beach are also having facilities of all type of food and restaurant. Both temples are also having facilities of accommodation for the devotees.

          One can find crowd at the beach on non-holiday days too, because local people never miss a chance to visit the place in their free time. People used to do exercises at the place in morning. One can also find crowd throughout day because visitors mainly choose day time to visit the place. In evening, people used to walk along side of sea with their family members or love-ones. Boys used to play football or cricket on beach bare footedly and kids were happy to see large amount water and black sand. They also used to construct sand castle for their enjoyment. Many lovebirds used to seat in front of immense sea and also enjoy romantic moments with musical instrument like guitar. Tithal beach is also famous for reunion activities of many school and college friends. One can find many school or college friends gathering in large numbers on beach. Some people visit the place just to avoid fatigue. They normally used to seat on bench in front of sea listening music and looking at sea waves. Newly married couples used to walk on beach and touching their foot to sea waves one after another. Many people used to take bath in sea water for their enjoyment and also play some game with family members in sea water. For kids, beach is also having some toy carts and swings. It is also wonderful to see sea tides at beach side, especially when tides touch the wall of beach.

          Both the temples are very popular for their location and construction. Many devotees have much faith in both the temples. On special occasions, Fairs are also organized by local vendors with the help of government. Government is continuously shaping the spot in well manner and tries to make it famous by declaring the place as tourism point.

          People get peace at tithal, people acquire joy at tithal, people obtain happiness at tithal, people achieve creativity at tithal, and people get friends at tithal.

          I always used to visit the place when I get chance, I just stands in front of big sea and looked into myself. Yes, sea is one of my friends, I have told all my secrets to sea because I am confident that it will never going to revel them to anyone. It quells all of them in itself, so that I can tell anything to it.

How to reach at the place

Tithal beach is just 4 km away from Valsad city area. One can use private vehicle to visit the place or Auto rickshaw from anywhere in the city.

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Movie review: M.S. Dhoni – The untold story


          It’s almost a year and again I am coming back to my one of favorite work, a review writing. I like long movies, and when I came to know the movie M.S. Dhoni has length of more than three hours then I thought this is the story that will again make me write a movie review.

The movie titled as M.S. Dhoni- the untold story starring Shushant Singh Rajput as a great Indian skipper and all hard work of master story teller Neeraj Pandey. The first scene of the movie will surely give moments of happiness to every Indian as movie started with the biggest day in Indian cricket history, the 2011 world cup final.

Starting from the birth of MSD, the movie covers all hard work and struggle faced by him as a person and as a cricketer, the movie keeps slow initially and take some time to have SSR on screen but the story of football lover young child to cricket lover young boy is also interesting. The title chosen for the movie- the untold story is so perfect as movie covers most of unknown facts of MSD like his relationship with her sister, his struggle as a cricketer, about his family and his friends and above all, every time his upbringing as a cricketer.

Someday ago I asked one question on twitter that who could have replaced SSR as MSD in movie? But the answer is still to get and now I think, there is no need to search that answer. Casting is the main positive part of the story, all characters are casted so beautifully that their face are enough, for example, young Yuvraj didn’t speak a word in a movie but his presence on screen describes it all. Other characters like Anupam Kher, all cotches, all MSD’s friends are giving realness to the story. Another plus point for the film is its background music, if someone asks me to give best rating in making then background score will get full marks.

Talking about camera work, it is good, but some scenes might get improved. Editing might be considered as weak point of the movie as some unnecessary scenes lengths movie to more than three hour. Also VFX work could have been improved a little better, and that’s why editing may fall as weak point. When you are dealing with such a great story and if you want your story to be big then music of the movie should be big also. I must say music of the movie is not at that level to impress everyone, music fails to make good initial impression on movie and people will go to watch the movie only on the name of MSD.

The love story delivered of skipper is worth to watch and MSD’s simplicity is showed in his love story, his love for bike is also covered in movie and that’s the proof that Neeraj Pandey has done all the hard work to put best MSD in front of the audience. The whole story covered with only positive side of the Dhoni, makers left to shew some controversies, about fixing problems which people were eager to watch but as a biopic and as untold story they showed the real struggled and all problems faced by a person to become captain of Indian cricket team.

Finally, according to making, storytelling is very good, background score is very good, dialogues are good, editing and music could have been improved and length of the movie could have been shorten, especially the first half.

Casting and all performances will make you clap, from Anupam Kher to Disha Patani, all have played their part wonderfully and SSR’s replacement cannot be found. Movie is good to watch and relieve the best moments of Indian cricket history. If you are Dhoni hater then you may start liking him after seeing SSR’s performance. Again, Neeraj Pandey is the king of hard work.

Rating: 3/5

Last line joke: They didn’t cover the last T-20 match that we lost just because of MSD.